My Mom Needed New Shower Doors

When my mom called to tell me that her shower door had cracked, I went right over to see if it was something I could fix. I am not the kind of guy who putters around the house fixing everything, but I at least wanted to rule out that it was not a simple fix before I looked into hiring someone to fix it. The crack ran the entire length of the shower door and I knew that I would not be able to do anything with it. Instead, I did a search for a local shower doors company in our area.

I chose one that not only installs new doors but fixes existing doors as well. If they could fix this shower door in any way, I knew that was the preferable way to go. My mom has two full bathrooms, so I made the appointment for my next day off, knowing she could shower in the other one until her shower doors were fixed. I wanted to be there because my mom would order a brand new shower from them otherwise! When the technician came out, he explained why the door could not be fixed after looking at it.

He then told us that if we wanted similar doors for her shower, it would not cost that much more to just replace them altogether. They sell everything from basic to luxurious, so I was happy that there was no hard pressure selling tactics going on to get us to buy the more expensive doors. We chose to go with one of the more basic door models. We were not looking to impress anyone since Mom is the only one who uses this particular bathroom so we just needed something that was going to keep the water in the shower area. He was able to install them later that week, and everything is working just as it should.

Author: admin11